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3 Rounds NFT:

10 Wallballs

10 Med Ball Cleans

10/side Russian Twists


2min/side Couch Stretch

Movement Review

Air Squats: https://youtu.be/C_VtOYc6j5c

Push-ups: https://youtu.be/_l3ySVKYVJ8


– Kipping: https://youtu.be/r45xLlH7r_M

– Butterfly: https://youtu.be/OenVG15QMj8

Partner WOD

Cindy XXX (AMRAP – Reps)

Complete as much as possible in 20 minutes of:

10 Pull-ups

20 Push-ups

30 Squats

15 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

45 Squats

20 Pull-ups

40 Push-ups

60 Squats

25 Pull-ups

50 Push-ups

75 Squats

30 Pull-ups

60 Push-ups

90 Squats
With a partner and only one person working at a time, complete as much as possible in 20 minutes. Pull-ups increase by 5 reps every round, Push-ups by 10 reps and Squats by 15 reps. You and your partner should try and split up total reps completed on each movement half each when possible, but how you choose to complete the reps is up to the team as long as only one athlete is working at a time.