Rubicon Functional Fitness – Functional Fitness

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5 minutes SMR – Lacrosse, Dimple or Skillz ball


2 Steady Rounds:

200 M Jog

3 Skin-the-cat/30 second Shoulder Distraction with the rings

40 DU’s (3:1) PLEASE, put the ropes back on the hooks that they came off of…bigger handles on the right, plastic handles on the left and metal handles in the middle!!!

5 Boot Straps

6/side Single Arm KB Shoulder Press

Movement Review

Rowing Technique video = https://youtu.be/S7HEm-fd534

Spend 5 minutes warming up Power Cleans and building up to your teams weight.

Power Clean review video = https://youtu.be/GVt4uQ0sDJE

Partner WOD

MEL (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP (with a Team of 3) in 15 minutes:

15 Calorie Row

12 Sit-Ups

9 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)

6 Pull-Ups

6 Synchronized Burpees
Alternate teammates upon completion of each movement. All three partners must complete the burpees together.